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The place to talk about how bloody messy it is to be a woman.

The Revolutionary Woman

Imagine this...

Being a part of a community of wild women fiercely committed to living their lives unapologetically aligned with who they are, and not who the world wants them to be. A place where your whole self can be seen. A judgment-free zone.

Having a safe place to talk about womanhood and topics that are considered taboo in a male-dominated world - menstruation, sexuality, pleasure, guilt, the witches’ wound, the abandonment wound, the rise of the Priestess, being a natural witch, healing your Inner Child, and how to manifest a life that you desire with orgasms! Basically the things you have the courage to talk to your good friends about after one glass of wine becomes two...or three.

Having a safe place where your whole self is welcome.  Where the part of you that feels stuck, lost, angry, sad, and ALL of the other emotions is met with love and understanding.

By coming together, we reclaim what has been missing in our lives - community and authentic connection. We reclaim the right to be perfectly imperfect. To share, love, and heal ourselves and the sisterhood wound.

Why we created this community...

We’re Em Atkinson & Linda Addis, the visionaries and sacred space holders of The Revolutionary Woman.

We created this community because we believe it’s time for the women of the world to come together, to stand united and build a new earth together. Alone we can change lives but together we can change the world!

Women’s voices have been silenced for a millennia but the Divine Feminine is rising and it’s time for HERstory to be re-written. 

We are devoted to creating a safe space where women of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life can come together to heal, learn to love themselves, find the courage to use their voices, and let down the walls that have been built up over the years. It is here you can allow your whole self to be seen and accepted. A place where you can fully express yourself without any judgement. 

This community isn’t ours. It’s yours. Welcome sister.

Why ladies love being a part of this community...

What you get when you join...

🌹 A place you belong. With cancel culture (aka the modern equivalent to witches being burnt at the stake) it can often feel "unsafe" to fully express yourself - within this community your whole self is welcome and as a sisterhood we'll hold space for your light & your shadows. 

🌹 FREE online courses, content, meditations, eBooks, Light Activations & more!

🌹The option to enroll in paid courses at a highly discounted rate.

🌹Donation based online events like women's circles, workshops and Full Moon Priestess Play. 

🌹Access to different groups like our MOM Collective (for all you momma's out there) and our bookclub!

🌹The opportunity to work with Em & Linda by walking the Priestess Path and rising to become a Feminine Leader within this community and the world.

Our Community Promises:

Here is where we will heal together. 

In order to create a safe and sacred environment which promotes healing, we ask you to honor the following promises: 

I will show up with a curious mind and an open heart. 

Use this platform to share generously. Your stories and experiences may be exactly what another sister needs to hear today to solve a problem or seize an opportunity.

I will learn a new way of being with women. 

This is a safe community where we are allowed to share from our hearts, therefore we put a lot of emphasis on our guidelines. We promote a new way of being with each other; a way to heal the “sister wound”. Gossip and shaming is not allowed. We truly encourage you to be self-aware and notice if you are ever out of integrity with these guidelines. Don’t judge yourself if that happens, or make others wrong if you see it happening, just acknowledge it. If you see someone do it more than once, please feel free to contact us.

I will refrain from giving unsolicited advice. 

We understand that advice comes from a place of wanting to help a sister out, but being on the receiving end of unsolicited advice can feel shameful. Remember, we are not here to fix - we are here to lift each other up. 

I will be supportive of my fellow sisters' processes and will not judge, shame or make them wrong. 

Please do not shame each other or make each other wrong. If you notice judgment coming up we invite you to look inward. Our triggers can be a gateway to healing and often shine a light on unhealed wounds.

I will honor an equal balance of giving and receiving. 

We know many of you are amazing coaches, healers, teachers, guides, and have something incredible to offer the community. We see you for that brilliance and together by sharing our gifts we’ll raise the collective consciousness. Promoting must be done in a way that also supports and gives back to the overall sisterhood. Stay active in the community, comment and communicate with your sisters. If you are only here to promote your business we ask you to look at the energy behind that. Is that aligned? Is that serving the collective and the community? 

I am responsible for my own healing, teaching & growth. 

Please make sure to not blame others or expect others in the community to hold you accountable for your healing. The tools and/or advice you might receive in this community are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice.

My whole self is welcome. 

Your whole self is welcome and you never need to apologize. The part of you that is upset, fierce, too loud - YOUR WHOLE SELF IS WELCOME.

Last, but not least, please treat each other with love and kindness. We are all in this together. Everyone is going through something. Let’s support each other and RISE together.

With that said, we have a ZERO tolerance policy for racism, bullying, cancel culture, making someone wrong, or shaming. While we believe everyone's beliefs are valid we will not tolerate any sort of language that creates unease throughout the community. If the way something is said leaves others feeling icky and/or attacked, we ask that you change the way you are communicating. 

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